You will not need to hide your radiator with the new Cordivari design

You will not need to hide your radiator with the new Cordivari design

Many of us, interior enthusiasts get a little grimace on the face when we hear the word “radiator”. We either try to camuflage the chunky structures or strategically position furniture around it, in order to hide it, am I right?  I’m sure you would agree that most of the radiators are less attractive than we would like them to be.

Most of them, but not all!

The Cordivari heating solutions are simple, barely noticable featuring handy storage accessories to optimaze our space – a radiator you can display proudly on the wall in any room of your home.

The new Frame + Lynea line features clean and linear shapes, perfecly blending into the space.

To add extra functionality to the radiator, a series of simple and essential elements “lynea” was added –  towel racks, hangers and shelves of various sizes that give us possibility to organize our space, with specific needs in mind.

This new concept of added accessories transform the radiating plate into a multifunctional and decorative object, a new and versatile element to best enjoy the warmth in our homes.

Lynea reinvents the heated towel rail with just a few minimal and essential gestures, harmonizing formal purity, flexibility and function. How do you like this idea?

Do you like the modern radiator solution or you prefer the traditional one?

Photos: Cordivari


*this post has been written in collaboration with Cordivari. All Opinions expressed are my own.


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