Wishlist ♥ 118 – Etsy

Wishlist ♥ 118 – Etsy

These days I am totally obsessed with online shopping – in fact I bought 6 pairs of shoes the other day, just because they were ‘on sale’. Buying on sale means saving, right? That’s what I strongly believe in.

If you are also in a mood for some getting some great items fro independent designers, here come my Etsy picks from this week:

Wishlist1.Palm Tree Print by The Hungry Eyes

2.Lamp by Andrew Neyer Design

3.Necklace by Sloan and Tommy

4.Dress by Lauren Winter Co

5.Nightstand by Habitables

Any favourites? You can also check out my Etsy board to see more recent finds.

Happy Sunday all!



    You are very welcome dear Clarissa 🙂 Have a great week xo

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