WishList ♥ 101

WishList ♥ 101

Happy saturday! As promised I’ve got a special treat for you today – the new column – ‘Wishlist’ is going live!
It’s always lovely to change things up at home and adding pretty accessories is a great way to do that
<said the shopping addict…!> Recently I am the most inspired by the products that do not fall into the
generic look and have a bit of character. 
So here are my latest favorites and I hope you’ll like what I’ve picked:
    1.  Handmade dot Mug from Recreation Centre Shop
    2.  Wired geometric lamp from False Arms
    3.  Striped bench from SS14 House Doctor Collection
    4.  Design letters – plates from Rum 21
    5.  Tray Ponyo from WinterBird Co
    6.  Geometric wall mount flower vase from Pig and Fish

So what do you think of these products? Spot any items that make you go WOW?


Filipek 70

designerskie literki już dawno mi się marzą w ilości znacznej …bo można fajnie je zestawiać, żeby coś znaczyły razem :)))) np HOT !!!!! buziole

Aleksandra Zielinska

WOW dla lamp:)


Like – 2 & 3. Thx for sharing.

Lifestyle Inspiracje

Witaj Aga, ale u Ciebie inspiracji i ciekawie również się wpraszam do Ciebie :))


I love the lamps!


Wszystko jest wspaniałe, ale kocham lampy!

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