We are moving!

We are moving!

Hi friends. How are you doing? Getting ready for the Holiday season already?

I have some exciting news to share with you – we will be moving to a new home very soon.

Long story-short, you might remember I talked many times about finding a new home, searching for the ‘perfect’ place. We considered many different options, some of them quite unusual (a little house by the lake faaaaar away from any civilization, ha!). Then we saw few old barns, lofts, historical buildings, new builts….I guess we had this idea to find something one-of-a-kind, special, unique. Cool architecture, filled with light. Ahhh a girl can dream. One day we will get there. Not yet though.

For the next year or two we will continue renting a very normal city apartment until we get a clear idea where we want to live. Italy? Poland? Tulum? Lakes? Cities? Sea? I think the reason why we couldn’t commit to any place is that we don’t know what we want. For now we are very happy to move in here and enjoy understanding what is going to be our next step (con calma, as the italians say!)

The great thing is, the place is empty so we will furnish it and make it ‘our own’. I will, of course, share with you as much of the process as possible, share design finds and inspirations. Stay tuned my dear friends!  If things go as planned we will move right before Christmas!

Big kiss!



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