Urban Jungle Bloggers: One plant – Three stylings

Urban Jungle Bloggers: One plant – Three stylings

Happy Thursday! How are you today?

If you like plants and being creative, you need to see this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers theme, as it’s all about ONE plant, styled in THREE different ways – something super fun for the artistic souls. The timing is perfect, as recently I focus a lot on creating visual stories so couldn’t miss out! That means – I’m very excited to show you a few styled photos of my string-of-pearls, little friend. We had a lot of fun during the photoshoot – dressing up, changing looks and trying different sets (some including other green buddies!) all to give you a little inspiration for the hanging ‘pearls’ at home.

Hope you will find it interesting!

urban 18

urban 12

urban 16

urban 25

urban 19

Urban Jungle Bloggers are all about living and decorating with plants – at homes, gardens or public places. The aim is to “highlight the beauty and benefits of houseplants and other greeneries”.

The two plant lovers behind the challenge are happy Igor and lovely Judith – authors of the upcoming book ‘Urban Jungle’ – a collection of creative ideas for everyone who wants to bring more green into their daily lives.

To see more ‘plants, styled in 3 different ways’ check out the posts of all the fellow bloggers who joined in this month.

Have a great evening guys!

Pictures: Agata Dimmich / Passion shake







Hi! I’ve just find your blog and I love all the greyish/pale colors you use for your pictures and all the blog. Amazing stylings, I surely will come back again!
Take care!


    Hi Joaquim, nice to e-meet you and thanks a lot for you lovely comment. Super happy to hear you like my plant stylings :) Wishing you a great weekend xo


Love the stylings, and your photos are amazing!


    Aww, thanks a lot Katrin! Have a great day :)


Oh my, you made us some eye candy again, Agata! Love love love that cactus of yours and the 3 stylings are all so well executed and pretty! Thank you also for mentioning our upcoming book! We can’t wait to share it with the world… Only a few more months… yayy!!! Happy Friday Agata and thank you for playing along again!


    I really wish I could contribute more often Judith! Thank you so much, happy you like it :) Sure, I am very much looking forward to reading it and (finally) meeting you in person in Munich. Big hugs from Italy and see you in a few months :*


Piękne stylizacje! Zjęcie z opuncją absoutnie cudowne :)


    Dziękuję Kasiu! :)) Również moje ulubione! Miłego dnia :*


Love your blog Aga and quirky DIY projects! Just wondering what type of plant this is? Hannah X


    Hello Hannah, nice to hear from you and thanks a lot for all your kind words, glad you are here! :) The plant is actually called ‘string-of-pearls plant’, I’m not sure if it’s the official name, but commonly used :-) I like it because it’s easy to care for and the strings look super pretty hanging from the shelves.

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