Update – Life. Italy. New opportunities.

Update – Life. Italy. New opportunities.

passionshake10It’s been a long day guys, a long week and a long month looking at the amount of sleep I’m getting recently but I couldn’t be happier! I mean do we really need to sleep? As I told you before, things are going quite well for me so I think it’s time to share what I am up to in the land of bella Italia. I have arrived here over a month ago, jobless and quite unsure about the future. I do get anxious more often than most of us, which is probably not normal, but I never claimed to be normal, so no surprise here!

Anyway, the weird feelings didn’t stick for too long, as I got busy very quickly. You might remember the story of my property styling project (if not you can read about it here). It happened kind of by accident, went quite well and got me my first interior job. Got what? Yes you heard me, a job! Which in fact is very much in progress already. If you follow me on instagram or facebook you might have seen some of the photos I’m going to share today, but let me tell you once again what is going on. I will be styling a little home tour of a new apartment building. It’s still under construction but soon to be finished. I really, really can’t belive it myself but it is true! And it is so much more awesome that I could ever imagine! Well most of it. My time management and orientation leaves much to be desired as it is my ‘first time’, in a new country and I probably waste some time on things that don’t require attention, but I have noticed some progress. I finally know where to find stuff and I learned all the italian interior vocabulary so I can communicate! Ok that’s a lie, I still drag my boyfriend with me when I need something that requires a proper conversation (thankfully most of the places have a foreigner friendly digital tills, where I can read the total price) Erm….scusi ma quanto costa questa sedia? haha I told you I’m making progress!

Can you belive that these cheerful fabrics are used to protect the floor during renovation? Only in Italy!

So my days are all about buying props, renting props and then I stocking props in our home. You really DON”T want to see how it looks (and don’t worry I won’t be showing you – but think of it as a TETRIS game. Yep exactly that!) In other words I am getting ready for the big days ahead, when the building is ready for me to enter and start styling (which is going to be very soon!) I really can’t wait but at the same time, there is so much to do, and think about, that I basically don’t sleep, and when I do – guess what I am dreaming about?

Below you can see a few photos I’ve taken since we arrived so you can get the feeling of what I am doing.

This is what I call – shop til you drop, and it was just the first round!
Spotted in the jungle – a massive jungle-shop.
Second round. And more to come.
And a little bit of cactus love.

All in all it’s a wonderful experience which involves intense level of creativity but isn’t it what we all love?

Apart from my interior adventures, I am getting ready to go to Amsterdam this Friday for Meet the blogger conference, where  I will be presenting my blog at the visual stage. Yep, that’s another amazing project to add to the list! I really hope to see you there!

And now back to work. Have a great evening!



It’s so great to work with something you really love!Keep up the good spirit! …and I have also started to like cactus again…last one I had in 90’s….succulent is also my fave..taking pics to instagram of them 🙂


    It really is Kreetta, in fact I don’t feel like you I’m working at all 🙂 haha same here I used to have a little collection when I was about 10 years old and now I’m loving them again xo

Zebra Ola

Zazdroszczę meblowania…ja to kocham najbardziej. Aguś niechaj dobre fluidy Cię nie opuszczają ;-). Śliczna z Ciebie dziewczyna …a i pędzę zapisać sie do konkursu, bo prawie przegapiłam 😉


    Dziękuję Oleńka 🙂 Ja też więc mam nadzieję, że wyjdzie z tego coś fajnego i fluidy mnie nie opuszczą 😛 Buziaki :*


Podróż z tak wypełnionym koszem zawsze mi się marzyła.:) Wszystkiego dobrego na nowym.:)
P.S. O ja też konkurs przegapiłam…


    Konkurs wciąż trwa więc zapraszam 😀 Wypełnione kosze są super, gorzej z noszeniem! haha Pozdrawiam :*


To się nazywa praca marzeń! Aga, cieszę się Twoim szczęściem, czekam na więcej :*


    Dziękuję! Dokładnie tak Aniu, sama w to jeszcze do końca nie wierzę (i mam nadzieję, że dam radę!) Buziaki :*


that is so cool, congratulations. It must be great.


    Thank you Sue! It is, I truly love it 🙂 Have a great evening x


So excited for your presentation! I really love your blog and visuals — pumped for MTBA!


    Thank you Reka:) See you in Amsterdam! xo

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Hello Agata, I just found your blog and love it! How nice to be able to realize your own dreams and passions! It ‘a feeling that I tried and I am very happy for you!
An “italian” hug


    Hello Valentina and welcome! Happy to have you here 🙂 I’m working on it and really hope it’s going in the right direction! Baci xxx


Totally the first time I’m commenting here and first visit and I totally love your style of writing. 🙂 And what a great job opportunity you got!! I am so jealous you’re going to Italy, I went there so many times on vacation… I miss that country! 🙂 Buon viaggio e divertiti! 😉
Hugs, Inge x


    Hello Inge and welcome 🙂 Grazie mille, I’m quite happy here so far, we will see how it goes with all the new adventures! Thank you for your comment, hugs x


Aguś nawet nie wiesz jak się cieszę, że tak Ci się wszystko tam poukładało …:)))))w to, że sobie poradzisz to nawet przez sekundę nie wątpię …z Twoim gustem ,urodą ,młodością i wiedzą świat stoi przed Tobą otworem !!! ja Ci życzę tylko jeszcze albo działających wind ,albo jakiejś pomocy przy tym targaniu :)))) Buziole !!!!


    No to mnie zasypałaś komplementami – dziękuję Aguś! Aż nie wiem co powiedzieć, tak mi miło 🙂 Windy zdecydowanie by pomogły w tym całym interesie haha Buziaki :*

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