Trend shake: Shades of blue in 2014

Trend shake: Shades of blue in 2014

Hello! Today I’m extremely happy to share with you the first post in our new column – Trend shake. Welcome and let’s get started! We are in 2014 and it’s time to have a look at what it means in terms of design trends. It seems that one of the most dominating color trends this year will be blue and it’s different hues. Three trendy shades: light blue, teal and turquoise are going to rock 2014, so whether you are planning to redecorate or simply add a splash of color, I’ll show you some of my favorite ways to invite blue into home. Ready?

Shade no. 1 – LIGHT, PALE BLUE‘A breath of fresh air’ (number 806) has been announced by Benjamin Moore as the color of the year. The color is very airy so it can help to brighten the room and give a calm, fresh feel. 

Works best with the following combinations:

1. Light blue + white + gray – for a balanced look

Benjamin Moore - A breath of fresh air color palette

2. Light blue + peachy pink + honey-tone woods – for a romantic look

light blue and peachy pink

3. Light blue + indigo blue – for an oceanic look

light blue and indigo blue, oceanic look

4. Light blue + pop of neon – for a eclectic look

pale blue and pop of neon

5. Light blue + white + honey-tone woods for a cozy look

Cozy look, light blue and wood

6. Light blue + white & black – for an elegant look

elegant light blue and black

Shade no. 2 – TEAL is Dulux color of the year. It combines the tranquility of blue, and harmony of green, creating balanced and sophisticated hue. It represents stability and confidence. 


1. Teal + white + wood- for a natural look

Teal Dulux color of the year

2.  Teal + coral + gold- for a homespun look

teal + coral, trend alert

3. Teal + soft pink – for a bohemian look

home decorating, blue and pink

4. Teal + yellow + black details – for a modern, energetic look

teal and yellow color inspiration

Shade no. 3 – TURQUOISE – According to Michele Boodro, Editor of Elle decor, turquise hue will be also trending this year. It will be showed up in upholstery, wall coverings and on furniture.

1. Turquoise wall + black & white geometric patterns + pop of another color – for a creative, trendy look

interior trends 2014

2. Pop of turquoise accessories + white + wood – for a subtle look

turquoise home decorations

3. Turquoise sofa/carpet + other shades of blue (light blue & navy blue) – for an Artistic look

turquoise, light blue, indigo home decor

So which one is your favorite shade? Light blue? Teal? Turquoise? What other colors would you combine it with? Would you redecorate according to these color palettes? 

Have a great day! 

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Light blue : 1,2,3,45,6,78,910,1112,13 14,15  
Teal: 1,2,3,45,67,8, – 9,10 
Turquoise: 1,23,45,6  



Ja bym się nie mogła zdecydować. Dla mnie wszystko idealne 🙂

    Aga Tinca

    Ja niechcący mam to już za sobą 😉 W zeszłym roku, nie znając jeszcze ‘trendów 2014’, urządziłam łazienkę w takim właśnie błękitnym odcieniu 😛 Teraz tylko przebierać w dodatkach!
    Ale jestem do przodu fiu fiu :DDD

Filipek 70

ja zdecydowanie jestem za pierwszym zestawieniem …..a w ogóle to i tak biało ma być ,i nic mnie od tego nie odwiedzie :)))))

    Aga Tinca

    Biało, biało i jeszcze raz biało ;D


All of these uses of my favorite color are so beautiful! I especially like the pairing suggestions for achieving certain looks. Thank you for sharing!

    Aga Tinca

    Thanks for visiting Emma! I always like to visualize color palettes and possible combinations, I’m glad you like it 🙂

Inna Chein

Amazing colors! I especially like the 3d and 4th combinations))

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