Trend shake: Cactuses and wire accents

Trend shake: Cactuses and wire accents

Welcome back to Trend shake column. Have you spotted any interesting trends recently? What I’ve noticed is that cactuses and wire accents are taking over the world! Would you agree that they appear literally everywhere?
The wire trend is revived from the 60s and it comes in many forms and styles to fit individual tastes, but mainly as fantastic furniture pieces. What is and will be trending in spring/summer 2014 season are definitely wire tables, chairs, shelving, lamps and accessories. And if we can speak of plants in terms of ‘trend’ then cactuses are definitely on top of the you-need-to-get-this list. I’ve paired up pictures of some of my favorite design wire pieces with photos of cactuses for a little trendy inspiration, ready?
1. Wire chair + small cactuses on a hex spora hexagonal stands

2. Wire noen storage basket +  cactuses on a vintage mint tray


3. Mini wire trays + cactus in a flowerpot


4. Wire lamps + cactus on a vintage stand

5. Wire shelving + cactuses on a metal tray

6. Wire coffee table + cactuses in a square pots


Do you like this combination? And which pair is your favorite? 

Have a great weekend and see you next week!

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Filipek 70

dla mnie czwarta 🙂 super te druciane lampy na tle szarości 🙂 a z mody na kaktusy to się ucieszy mój mężu bo on ich wielbiciel …a ja właśnie w tym roku po chyba dziesięciu latach ,ukatrupiłam mu te paskudy kłujące …ja to mam wyczucie :)))))))

Aleksandra Zielinska

Oba trendy są mi bliskie:) szukałam ostatnio takich “drucianych” lamp do sypialni…


Dla mnie jest numer 5, bardzo lubię półki druciane.

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