Trend Alert: The concept of ‘open’, walk-in showers

Trend Alert: The concept of ‘open’, walk-in showers

Hello, hello. How are you today?

If you are following my Instagram, where except from interior corners I share bits and pieces of my life, you know I have recently returned from Tulum, where I spent my honeymoon (I will talk aboout the wedding and our Mexican adventures soon so stay tuned!)

What I would like to focus on today is the concept I have spotted during our trip, a new trend not to miss! In Tulum, the general lifestyle is very appealing: eco-friendly, raw…but also very open. In particular, most of the hotels we stayed in promoted open bathroom concept.

What do I mean by that?

Walk-in glass showers, bathtubs located in the tarraces or bedrooms, open bathroom roofs so that your bathroom experience blends with the environment surrounding you. This may be the nature, the living space, depending on the goal.

I admit, at first it does make you feel slightly uncomfortable, but once you try the experience couple of times, you will never want to have a shower in a closed shower box again!

Naturally I digged into what kind of walk-in shower solutions offers Italian market and discoved Vismaravetro.

Unlike in some other companies, where the shower box is considered predominantly a functional object, at Vismaravetro it playes important role as interior design element, hence the variety of choice in the catalogue is big.

Below you can see my favourite design called ‘Sk-in’, characterized by fixed elements in glass and the absence of doors, which matches the new, ‘open’ bathroom concept.

How do you like this look? Is it the style you would like to see in your own home?

Photos: Vismaravetro

This post has been written in collaboration with Vismara vetro, all expressed opinions are my own.


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