Top 7 Statement Black Lamps

Top 7 Statement Black Lamps

Happy New week all! How was your weekend?

Since we picked up the keys for the new apartment our weekend activities are very much new home-oriented. Yey! That involves exciting stuff like choosing a statement lamp for a living and dining room but also the unevitable, boring, must-have shopping – washing machine, irons, hoovers….you name it. We need pretty much all, since we stayed in a fully firnished apartment until now. I’m not saying I totally HATE choosing the right washing machine, I just love it less than the pretty things, can you relate? That brings me to today’s post. I spend plenty of time browsing the web, visiting favourite design shops and finally making purchasing decisions so I thought it would be nice to document that process and share my finds and choices with you. We all share the passion for beautiful homes and interior styling so I hope you will find the series useful and inspiring. I would also love to hear what you think and what are your current favourite design objects!

I will start with Top 7 Statement Black Lamps. You know what they say – lighting is the jewellery of a room, so the right fixture will give a certain mood to your interior. We are hoping to keep our new home minimal, spacious, uncluttered (yes, yes, yes!) having less objects with greater value. As you know there are many gorgeous statement lamps out there, it would be impossible to list them all here so I decided to share with you the ones which I shortlisted for our home.

Why I love these lamps?

  • Minimal, statement design
  • Provides good amount of light
  • Best single lamp choice –  if you are planning just one ceiling lamp in the dining or living room, those lamps are show-stoppers alone. They don’t really like competition.

1. Harrison Chandelier by Menu (599€)

2. Grand Metro Lamp by Frandsen (189)

3. Molecular Lamp by House Doctor (243)

4. Vertigo Lamp by Petite Friture (752)

5. Franklin Pendant Light by Menu (449)

6. Mobil 100 by Pholc (500)

7. Kanji by Fontana Arte (655)


Are you curious  which ones I got for our home? What would be your guess?

Number 03 for the dining room and number 04 for the living room. I can’t get enough of the Vertigo lamp! It should be delivered and installed soon (excited!!!)

Photos: 1, 5 – Emma Fisher, 2,3, 4- brands as listed.


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