Top 4 Design Trends from Habitare Fair, Helsinki

Top 4 Design Trends from Habitare Fair, Helsinki

Habitare 2016Moi, Moi from Helsinki!

If you are not familiar with the Habitare fair yet – it’s the Finland’s leading furniture and design exhibition, taking place in Messukeskus center (from 7th-9th of September). Considering my love for Scandinavian design – it was a perfect place to spot some of the recent trends and get inspired by the new, creative solutions in the world of interiors.

Together with a group of international bloggers and interior journalists we had a chance to tour not only the exhibition center but also city’s design district and Marrimeko factory but I will tell you all about it in the next post.

habitare 2016

Today I would like to focus on the fair itself, latest design news, trends and tendencies, which will rock the interior world in the upcoming months. Are you ready?

Here’s what I’ve spotted at Habitare 2016:


  • FORREST GREEN – dark and saturated, it’s a shade getting a lot of love this year. It fits in perfectly with natural environments (think – plants, cork accents, terracotta vases and wooden elements)
color Trends from Habitare
Tikkurila color M442 Vuono
Habitare 2016
Forrest green armchair at the Signals exhibition
Adaptable shelf
Adaptable shelf in green finish by Laine
  • BLACK – From wall colors, ceramics to products in matt/glossy finish – black is the new black! The darkest of the colors is stylish and rebellious at the same time, giving us many decor options, depending on what it’s paired with.
black color trend
Black interior styling by Anna Pirkola (styling assistant: Jaana Niittynen) for Asun magazine
Habitare 2016
Black eclipse lamp by Elina Ulvio/Laura Vare
Tikkurila black styling
Habitare 2016
Tikkurila color X501 Munakoiso
  • EARTH COLORS –  a spectrum of warm tones – burgundy, browns, terracotta accents, pale pinks. Colors inspired by earth are definitely trending right now.
Top 4 Design Trends from Habitare Fair, Helsinki
Colored glass pendants and accessories by Maija Puoskari
color trends Habitare 2016
Earth tones by Tikkurila
Anna Pirkola
Styling by Anna Pirkola (styling assistant: Jaana Niittynen) for Asun magazine. Turn around rack: Anna Pirkola and Joel Sipila.

2 // FUNCTION AND ART – is a tendency to create objects which blur the line between function and art, making it hard to answer the question – is it design, art ot both?

Handmade tiles
Botanical shelf designed by Pinja Rouger & Riikka Kantinkoski and handmade tiles by Laura Itkonen
Decorative mirror Habitare 2016
The VINO mirror by Iina Vuorivirta – serve as decorative objects as well as functional mirror.

3 // MULTIFUNCTIONAL, ADAPTABLE AND INTERACTIVE FURNITURE – the new trend in furniture design changes they way how we live, giving us more for less. The designs are space-saving, transferable and can suit individual needs, allowing the consumer to take part in the creation process.

Habitare 2016
Taneli Kakkonen – flat pack coat rack – rope with knots attached to a wooden pole holds the plywood in shape while on the wall.
Habitare 2016
Lippa shelf from Hakola – thanks to its lid mechanism, it can be used in many different ways – as a shelving system, nightstand, side table, serving both as functional storage solution and decorative element.
Interactive hangers
Riku Toivonen – Interactive, space saving Hangers – The tight grooves lock the hangers in their own places, then can be easily removed by grabbing the out coming part of the hanger.
shelving system
Tuulia Pentilla – Custom shelving system which can be build and modified depending on the individual needs.

4 // ECO, SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL – products made of environmentally friendly wood veneer including furniture, lighting, accessories and art deco.

eco, sustainable material
Eco exhibition at Habitare 2016
Eco hammock, made of wooden beads
Eco hammock, made of wooden beads seen at the Eco Exhibition
playwood lamp Habitare 2016
Matilda Palmu – Intuitio – made of paper and thin playwood

How do you like what you see? To sum up, the recent trends show that the designers focus on two main factors when creating new products: sensitive design, eliminating negative environmental impact and multifunction – objects serving more than one purpose. On top of that, they are a real feast for the eyes, so the next months are looking rather good!

I’ll be back with another post from Helsinki, where I’ll show you Alvar Aalto studio, Marimekko factory and a few snaps from the our Bloggers Tour.

Kiitos! Have a great day x

Photo credit: Agata Dimmich for Habitare, except Lippa shelf, credit: Hakola











Ouu super! chyba trafilam choc teraz nikt mnie nie bedzie lubial haha czytelnikom nie dogodzisz ale ja mam potrzebe zmiany i tyle. Sciana czarna juz jest i uwieeelbiam a sypialnie po czesci juz zielona i tez uwielbiam hahaha, dzieki za super relacje, czekam na kolejna, pozdrawiam cieplo!


    Syl bardzo mi się podobają Twoje najnowsze zmiany, zwłaszcza, że też mam ‘fazę’ na czerń i…biel ( z tym, że biel to u mnie żadna nowość ;)) a może po prostu wyrastamy z kolorków – u mnie też kiedyś bywało pstro 😛 a dziś prawie totalny mono-chroN ;D


Amazing Pics!Good job… 😉


    Grazie Ilaria, happy you like them! It’s never easy to take photos at the fairs!

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