The Minimal Style Home Brands from Mexico City

The Minimal Style Home Brands from Mexico City

Most of us probably associate Mexico with boho-style, colorful materials and eco-chic concepts. And yes, you can find all of that in the Mexican Sates, but not only! Before our Honeymoon, thanks to our wedding photographer – Marta, I got to know a stylish lady living in Mexico city, Maritza Lara Cáceres – a mastermind behind two gorgeous brands, who I would like to introduce you to today.

1/ First brand is the Capital Studio which impressed me with the minimal design furniture.

The firm specializes in interior design and remodeling, complementing with furniture for the home, creating minimal yet cozy spaces. From chairs to sofas, the entire collection is stylish and simple, fitting recent interior design trends.

2/ Second brand is Casa Mineral which focuses on creating accessories made of natural materials, mainly marble – the timeless material which will never go out of style.

I have picked just a few of my favourite designs to show you. Have a look below, aren’t they absolutely beautiful?

  • The second brand is Casa Mineral which focus on accessories made of natural materials (mainly marble) for home.

The clean lines, natural materials and simple yet beautiful designs match my aesthetics very much, I would totally see them at my home.


Another proof that less is more, don’t you think?

Photos: Capital Studio + Casa Mineral


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