The Home of Amber Thrane – Dulcet Creative

The Home of Amber Thrane – Dulcet Creative

amber throne on passionshake7Since I’m one of these weird people who like to peek into everyone’s homes, today we will knock on the door of Amber Throne of Dulcet Creative. I already know it’s amazing due to my secret sources and I have seriously fallen in love with it, so now it’s time for you. Amber is the co-owner of Dulcet Creative, together with Kayla Sampson they run their studio from the sunny California where they work on visual web presence of the creative minds and businesses. The home of Amber is a perfect reflection of the studio style: bright, fresh and simply beautiful. Each corner if filled with meaningful details what makes the space feel authentic and inspiring. Have a look:

amber throne on passionshake11

amber throne on passionshake10

amber throne on passionshake1

amber throne on passionshake6

amber throne on passionshake9

So what do you think? I love the work space and patio area, it’s amazing  how fresh and green it feels. Make sure to visit Amber’s and Kayla’s creative studio page here.

Photography by Dulcet Creative



Oh I love it! It feels so fresh but relaxing & that floor – amazing!


    I agree Alison, the floor is a killer, love the tiles! Hugs x

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