Stylish Industrial Home in the Former Coffee Mill

Stylish Industrial Home in the Former Coffee Mill

If you like the industrial, urban style with a Scandinaian whites and minimalism – you will love this home. Located in the centre of Malmo, the space belongs to Isabell and Joakim, who realized their decorative dreams in the former Coffee Mill. A touch of history and idea of freshly ground beans makes it even more interesting, don’t you think?

“We fell for the unique, raw and industrial New York feeling we got from the apartment. All the old materials are so well-preserved and have been carefully renovated.” Isabell says Combined with the new  additions and design pieces, it turned out really beautiful!

Moving into a former industrial space has been my dream for a while, I love the spacious interiors, light and touch of industrial vibe, who knows maybe I will find my Coffee Mill one day too?

Photos: Petra Bindel via Elle Decoration



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