Get Stylish Gifts Under 50$ – for HER

Get Stylish Gifts Under 50$ – for HER

Christmas is coming and even though I’m still trying to figure out whether to stay in Italy, host, fly to Poland, visit friends, hide in the mountains or all the above, one thing I can’t procrastinate anymore – are the gifts. No matter what, where and how we will be spending this years’ Holiday, Santa will surely find us.

Do you have your favourite places to shop for Christmas gifts? I love Etsy – for the variety, quality and original ideas. Isn’t it what makes a great gift? This year I decided to split my guide into two simple themes: Stylish Gifts Under 50$ for her and for him, so there will be two posts with a lot of goodies!

We wil start with the gift guide for HER, because I can’t wait for you to see the list and ask Santa to bring me all these things!

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts under 50$:

1. Modern Glass Cloche from Kibster

2. Coffee Cup from Wakakosenda

3. Small Wooden Spoon from Less and More

4. Poly Struc Ring from Good after Nine

5. Canvas Foldover Clutch from Lee Coren

Beautiful, aren’t they? To see over 500 gift ideas, pop in to my Etsy board on Pinterest.

Also make sure to check out the hottest Holiday Editor’s picks!

Happy shopping!


Corina Nika

Such pretty things! The tiny cactus is adorable!


    I have to say I would have a big trouble to choose just one item from this list! Thanks Corina, happy you found it interesting x

Consulente d'immagine e Stile

Very interesting stuff. I think those could be a very interesting panel from which to choose what you can buy as present for the next coming Xmas. I’m sure I’m going to gift some of them to some friend of mine!
Thanks a lot for the article and the advice.
Consulente Immagine e Stile Elisa Negro


    Exactly, that’s what I had in mind when creating the round up 🙂 Hope it inspires you for the Christmas shopping.

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