Stylish display made from a single string

Stylish display made from a single string

DIY Wall string_Some DIYs prove that there is art in simplicity. And in case you didn’t know, these are my favourite!

Displaying your paper inspirations, postcards or photographs is a great way to bring current mood into your wall and appreciate those clipped, meaningful items, in a day to day life simply by having them on display.

We all want to stare at those postcards we brought from a weekend getaway, right?

DIY Wall string displayThere are many ways to put the visual inspiration on your wall, however most of us tend to go for the traditional method – frames, forgetting about other equally tasteful possibilities. As great as gallery walls are, they are not the best for displaying small visuals, so today I will show you a quick and stylish way to get the best out of the tiny items.

DIY Beaded string decoration_

DIY Beaded string decoration jar

DIY Wall string decoration

So how do you like this idea?

Photos: Agata Dimmich for Homedit



Agata, you have some great DIY ideas sprouting in your head! I love checking out your blog – it never ceases to surprise me. Thank you for the diy inspiration ♡


    Oh what a sweet comment Martha! Thank you so much, you just gave me an enormous dose of creative energy! 🙂


      Always happy to send over some good vibes! x


I LOVE easy DIYs!! Can’t wait to pop one of these up in the apartment <3 Thanks for sharing!

-Clarissa @ The View From Here


    Thank you dear! I bow down :))


Hola, hermosas creaciones
Hermosas como vos
Saludos totales!!!!


    Thank you! :*

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