Stylish Baby high chair and meals essentials

Stylish Baby high chair and meals essentials

Design high chair for baby

So here we are, starting our first REAL food adventures.


There is a lot carrot splashing going on. On Nicky’s head, on my head, on daddy’s white shirt, on the floor and everywhere in-between. Yet most of it makes it to that happy little mouth so we can tell it’s going great. Having said that, I wanted to share with you a few items which make the meal times enjoyable for us.

Those who’ve been there know that choosing the perfect product for your baby can be a rewarding but also stressful experience. There are many aspects to consider for us parents, who always make sure baby gets the best possible. Each family might have different preferences and priorities so there is not one winner for all, but I am happy to say we have got our star –  Charlie Crane TIBU chair. 

Why we love it?

It’s functional but also stylish, it fits so well our kitchen. The chair was inspired by 1950s French industrial design and is available in many different finishes (both wood and cushion covers). What’s more important it offers ten different seating configurations thus allowing us to use it from now (6 months -with Baby Set) to 8 year and over.

design baby items

Once we got the design chair (gifted) we needed a beautiful-looking meal kit to pair it with. Those lovely accessories have been provided by Tiny Wild Hearts who stand for quality and great looks (as we do).

Super functional, easy to clean, easy to roll up for travel. And I can’t tell you how much fun Nicky has using that FRANZ fruit pacifier with apple inside!

As you can see, baby accessories don’t have to compromise your interior choices as you can find best quality-and-style all in one and make everyone happy and satisfied.

I’m wishing you a wondeful day and running to prep some mashy meals.

design baby chair

minimalist kitchen and baby

Charlie Crane high chair

silicone baby accessories

silicone meal kit baby

Charlie Crane TIBU

happy baby meal

This post has been written in collaboration with Charlie Crane and Tiny Wild Hearts. All expressed opinions are my own.


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