Styling with warm textures and tones

Styling with warm textures and tones

How do you feel about styling with warm textures and tones?

Summer season is a great opportunity to play with warm colors and add that pop of sunshine to our stylings and photographs.

Warm tones in the summer provide that primal connection to the season:  sandy hues, natural stones, oranges, warm skin shades make us instantly relax thinking of beaches, barefoot and ‘dolce far niente‘! A summer dream come true. These tones simply feel relaxing, authentic, good as they remind us of all of those wonderful elements summer season offers to us but not only!

In photography world, warm colors .g. yellow, and orange are believed to be dominant as they reach our eyes before the cooler colors sothey stand out and attract more attention. On top of that they they convey a message of happiness and energy. So whether it’s a juicy fruit, the texture of summer hats or trendy net bags it’s a summer photo-recipe to good mood.

I’ve been capturing more photos with that warm feeling recently to get myself in the summer mood as we are taking a 3 weeks Holiday break starting from tomorrow. First we are travelling to Poland for a few days to attend wedding of my friends, then we will head to Puglia to explore the region of white washed buildings, crystal clear sea and sunny beaches! I will have very limitedaccess to my email so the best way to reach me is through Instagram.

I would like to wish you all a beautiful end of the summer season and many happy moments that come with it!



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