Styling Tip #4 – Styling with Paper

Styling Tip #4 – Styling with Paper

Before we get into styling and tip number 4, I would like to thank you for all your sweet messages regarding the series! Styling is my huge passion so sharing those little tips with you is a true pleasure for me and I’m SO-SUPER-CRAZY happy to hear that you are enjoying it as much as I do!

Tip number 4 – is all about paper. Are there any paper-holics here with us today? Hands up,  don’t be shy!  We can combine those two interests, to style vignettes or photos, adding interesting texture into our scenes. Here’s how:

Styling Tip 4: Styling with Paper

We can use paper in almost every styling we create – as a background, part of the set or we can give it a special attention and make something out of it (paper forms? paper bag? rolls of paper in the workspace corner?) The aim is to add character to the photo, by showing papers imperfections or clean lines perfection.

Textures: White, colored, transparent paper, baking paper, ripped, creased or untouched

Props: Food, Flowers, Ceramics, Design Objects.

What do you think of this styling element?

Liking it?

If you want to share your tips or styling inspiration or show us your stylings, add #seemystyling hashtag to your photos.

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