Styling walls with Minted Art prints

Styling walls with Minted Art prints

passionshake-and-minted2How are you spending your Sunday afternoon? I should be packing for our skiing trip tomorrow, but instead I’m treating myself to some new Art prints. I’m really terrible when it comes to choosing, especially when the variety of designs is as big as the one of Minted Art marketplace. I swear all of the prints are looking at me saying ‘pick me! pick me!’ and the prices are too tempting. My boyfriend is not much help, he ‘likes them all’ so I need your opinion guys!

The most important thing about the gallery wall is what the wall wants to say and I guess if my could speak, we would be having a happy-kind of conversations. I’m definitely one of these people who like to be surrounded by pretty, colorful pieces which get me in a good mood. So, I’ve been stuck on Minted website for hours now, trying to make a selection, but the competition is tough. Below you can see my top choices for now.

Which ones would you choose?  1,2,3….12?


So which ones shall I go for? Which ones do you like the most? I really would love to have them all.

To visit Minted’s entire collection of pretty Art prints, pop into the marketplace.  Minted has a lot more in their offer  –  pretty stationery, fabrics and home decor products. Just don’t get lost for hours, like I always do 🙂

Have a great week guys, I will see you back here when we are back from the mountains!

Picture source: Minted 1 / 2

*This post has been written in collaboration with Minted – thank you for your support and inspiration!




What a prints heaven! ‘keys, wallet, phone’ I would love for my hallway, number 3,6,11 would get for the bedroom. They are all gorgeous and fit your style! Have a nice holiday x


    Thanks for your opinion Ida! Really like your bedroom choice. I’m also crazy for that pineapple print 😀 Thank you, I hope we will have some nice weather there!

Magda K

Wszystkie bym przygarnęła 🙂


    oj tak 🙂


They are all really cool. I see your problem, and of course it depends on the surroundings. I like the pineapple, but actually you could recreate that yourself with a camera. I reckon i would go for 5,6 & 12

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