Styling Tip #1 – Textures and Shiny Metallics

Styling Tip #1 – Textures and Shiny Metallics

Styling tips testure and shiny metallics

If you ever launched a new website or you are thinking about doing it – you know how terrifying it is. There are about 10 things that CAN go wrong. And about 3 that DO go wrong. But the joy and excitement of it all is totally worth it (if you watched my Insta-stories you know I actually popped a champagne for this occasion! Late cin, cin if you missed it.)  I want to thank you all for all your amazing comments, messages and feedback here and on social media. You made this party rock! I’m truly overwhelmed with all the love and super motivated to make sure you are happy with all the new content, here on Passionshake.

So let’s get right into it!

As explained in the last post, I want to focus more on sharing interior and prop styling tips with you. I’m sure you would agree that while living our lives partially in the online world, filled with daily visual stories, all of us bloggers, stylist, instagrammers come across thousands of inspiring photos, which are a great source of inspiration but also information of what is currently IN. In the last few years, I keep on noticing those little, styling trends, which I thought would be nice to share here on the blog. I’m hoping you can join the discussion and we can talk about what we see and how it can be introduced in our visual lives. What do you think? Sounds good?

I will be documenting some of the styling trends which have been strong for a while and new ideas, hoping to inspire you to get creative.

Styling Tip 1: Trending textures + shiny metals

It’s not a secret that mixing and matching materials results in a WOW effect. As spotted at Salone del Mobile, textures are a very strong trend this year which is also very much visible in interior and prop styling. Paired with shiny metals, they create a complete, sophisticated look.

Surfaces: Antiqued, scratched, rough surfaces in all the possible forms – from metal trays in food styling, concrete walls in interiors or messy brush strokes on photography backdrops.

Raw props: handmade pottery, wooden trays, concrete pots.

Shiny metallic props: shiny cutlery, brass, light fixtures, candle holders, shiny plates.

styling tip

photo styling tips

styling tips

What do you think? This one is pretty straightforward and simple to recreate, right?

Next post will be about styling with light (a bit more tricky) but the results are gorgeous! If you want to share your tips or styling inspiration, show us how you used this tip, add #seemystyling hashtag to your photos. I would love to see them!

Have a great evening dear friends. If you have any questions or suggestions – I’m here.

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