Styling Tip #7 – Styling with Transparent Frames

Styling Tip #7 – Styling with Transparent Frames

This month for my monthly ‘Styling Tips’ column on Decor8, I played with transparent frames and today I will show you the result of that styling fun, but first how are you? Ready for the Holiday season?

You could definitely tell I’m the kind of person who likes to try new things, mix and match materials and experiment with new designs, so I always look for new ways to do that at home.  Not all of the experiments turn out well (I do have quite a few ‘stars’ on my list) but if never try, I wouldn’t know, so I just keep on playing with objects. Do you do this too? It’s funny how passion can become your work, I always enjoyed styling but never thought it can become an actual job! That basically means I do experiment not only in my own home, but also in the homes of others, locations and different spaces where a bit of interior magic* is needed.

My recent obsession are transparent frames and I do bring them with me for all the styling jobs. Why not normal frames you wonder? They give us more creative possibilities to capture elements inside, creating the illusion that the elements are floating in the air because the frames have no backs. Now that’s a real magic, don’t you think?

You can display whatever you’d like inside your frame  – a print, photographs, however, my preferred option is leaves, where we can see their delicate structure. Just like classic botanical illustrations from books, except this time they are real, modern and on-trend – plus they are totally DIY-able!

For these looks, I tried two different option to see which one would be best and I have to say it’s a hard choice as I like both looks, which one do you like better? A dried leaf or the fluffy country grass?

Styling and Photography: Agata Dimmich / Passionshake for Decor8


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