Styling Tip #6 – Styling with Model Prints

Styling Tip #6 – Styling with Model Prints

Hello everyone and happy new week! Hope you had a relaxing weekend.

I’m back with my monthly column on Decor8, so on top of my Styling Tips series here on the blog, I will be sharing new ideas and tips with the Decor8 readers. A lot of ‘pinteresting’ moments ahead!

Let’s talk about style icons and fashion photography today. I’m sure you’ve noticed that model prints, black and white magazine pages or vintage beauties photography has become a styling hit. With b&w images, ranging from some of the most recognizable supermodels to shots of actresses, appear in stylish homes being used as a great accessory to decorate walls, shelves, workspaces and even kitchen counters. Did you spot that too?

Styling Tip 6 : model prints, model photography, magazine cut outs, posters or your own images

3 ways:

1/ Elegant Look – the most elegant style is to frame and hang prints on the wall. You can’t go wrong with that. Black and white is timeless. Fashion icons, beautiful models never go out of style so model prints, are a great way to introduce fashianble look at home. Try browsing Etsy for get some beautiful prints.

2/ Gallery Wall – Since framed model prints look great, why not creating a gallery wall and group few of them together?

3/ Effortless Chic –ย  Such prints are stylish on their own hence they look also great without frames, effortlessly displayed around the house. For example a print above your desk attached with washi tape, a photo taped inside of a bookcase or shelf, some on a mood board in your work space made from magazine clippings.

Would you add something to this list? How would you style model prints? Do you like this micro-trend?

Have a great start of the week!

Styling & Photography: Agata Dimmich for Decor8




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