Styling Tip #3 – Wrinkled Fabrics

Styling Tip #3 – Wrinkled Fabrics

Messy beds, half-set tables, #wokeuplikethis kind of looks have all one thing in common – wrinkled fabrics, in particular linen, the real, lovely, rich texture. Not everyone appreciates wrinkles though, I get it -I used to have a big problem with them as well, spending hours trying to iron our bed linens (nope it didn’t work!) but when it comes to styling and styled images, wrinkles are unbeatable! So instead of fighting the impossible, let’s embrace each crease and celebrate its lived in look. What do you think?

Have you ever wondered why wrinkles became so popular recently? In the times when we are longing for all things-authentic and meaningful, each fold adds character and tells the story. What is your story going to be about?

Styling Tip 3: Wrinkled frabrics

They can be used both as a background or leading actor depending what is the scene you are styling. Finding the right background for a photograph can be hard, but it is a necessary step in getting a great shot. A piece of linen fabric in neutral tones is always handy and adds that desired charm to the set. Try making your bed look messy, set a table, use it as a background for displaying other products.

Textiles: Wrinkled fabrics, linens, table cloths, bed linens

Props: ceramics, cup of coffee in bed, magazines, books, flowers, plants

So yes guys, texture, texture, wrinkled texture! Don’t be shy šŸ™‚ If you want to share your tips or styling inspiration or show us your stylings, add #seemystyling hashtag to your photos.

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    Hi Kyia, thanks so much! I’m creating these posts with pleasure so I’m super happy to hear you find them interesting šŸ™‚ It’s often about the little things, right? šŸ™‚ Have a great day! x

Sara Lynn

Gorgeous photos! Where do you buy your large linens for food photography? xx.


I love this, stumbled on your blog from pinterest, so glad to have found you! keep up the good work!

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