Styling Spring and Happy Easter!

Styling Spring and Happy Easter!

easter styling passion shake 12 (1 of 1)Can you believe that Easter is already here? I’m quite excited because it’s one of my favorite Holidays, full of colors, happiness, flowers and cute bunnies! So what are your plans? We are spending Easter Sunday with the family and then probably going to the lake for one day. With up to 24’C, it’s a must to go out and enjoy the sun, right? I’m also planning to relax (A LOT!) to recharge my batteries before going to Berlin for The Hive Conference and the upcoming Design Week, here in Milan. Oh my, seems like April is going to be fun!

easter styling passion shake 1 (1 of 1)

easter styling passion shake 14 (1 of 1)

easter styling passion shake 15 (1 of 1)

Today I brought a few forsythia branches at home, to inject a bit of  happy, Easter mood! Does yellow color also gives you so much energy? With this post, I’m also happily joining Styling the season monthly series by Kathy and Charlotte, special edition ‘Styling Spring at Mine’.

I wish you all amazing, relaxed Holidays! Happy Easter guys!

Hugs x

Styling and Photos: Agata Dimmich /Passion shake



Forsythias are my favorite Spring flowers 🙂 This is so fresh and pretty Aga, you really styled April well. Happy Easter to you xo


    Thank you Ida! April in Italy feels like summer to me so far, but yes usually I would say it’s a fresh month 🙂 Have a great Holiday x


Love the styling, so fresh! Happy Easter, have lots of fun! I think, I will relax a lot, too 🙂


    We all need it from time to time, right? 😛 Thank you! Happy Easter to you too! xo


Pięknie. Wesołych i radosnych Świąt 🙂


    Dziękuję. Wesołych świąt i samych pyszności 🙂


Radosnych Świąt!!!!


    Dzięki Renatko 🙂 I wzajemnie!


Aguś wspaniałych świąt Wam życzę :)))) p.s. no jak ja mogłam na żółty kolor się obrazić :)))))) ty go pięknie używasz :))))

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