Styling Rough Linen collection

Styling Rough Linen collection

Styling Rough Linen 15There’s no denying that linen bedding never goes out of style thanks to its elemental look and natural beauty. Its delicate color palette fits any bedroom, creating effortless yet stylish atmosphere which is exactly what I look for at home. Additionally, we don’t have to worry about it wrinkling (because it’s meant to be a bit messy!) and it does soften with time, taking on a rich look that only linen can. I’m convinced, are you?

Speaking about linens, I have recently styled and photographed Rough Linen collection, founded by Tricia Rose, who was inspired to recreate the homespun linen from her Grandmother’s Scottish home. When she found a material with the exact texture of that old-world fabric, she made herself some bedding and found herself in business. I love working with independent design labels, mainly because I’m always inspired by their story which goes way beyond the products. The linens are 100% European, made in a small workroom in beautiful Marin County, just over the bridge from San Francisco. I wish I could visit the place myself, as it sounds very inspiring but for now the beautiful linens, will have to feed my (and my camera’s) eyes!

I have to say I immediately fell in love with the the “Mix” bedding – white and natural yarns woven together and “Smooth” white Pillowcases. The colors and mid-weight fabrics are very much in line with my aesthetics, so the styling (and sleeping!) was more than enjoyable. Below you can find a few snaps I have taken of the linens, hope you will like them.

Styling Rough Linen 2

Styling Rough Linen collection 11

Styling Rough Linen collection 7

Styling Rough Linen 10

Styling Rough Linen collection 12

Styling Rough Linen 3

Styling Rough Linen collection 10

What do you think? Here you can find the entire Rough Linen collection – including bedding, table and cooking linens, bathroom accessories and wearable beauties. Check it out!

Have a great Saturday guys!

Styling and photos: Agata Dimmich for Rough Linen


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