Style Your IKEA Kitchen With Details From World’s Best Designers

Style Your IKEA Kitchen With Details From World’s Best Designers

Have you ever wondered how to maximize the style of your IKEA kitchen? Where to find those beautiful details – handles, countertops, doors, accessories, which can transform your regular cabinets into a show stopper? Recently I came across Danish company Reform – which collaborates with the best international architects to reform simple IKEA kitchens with great design. That means if you are bored with your old, white cabinets, you can add touch of design and refresh the look with these beautiful options. Have a look!

1/ Concrete Countertop, bronzed handles and tombac fronts by Norm Architects – you might remember that I absolutely love the work of Norm Architects so the combination of affordable IKEA solutions with the top-quality design and materials sounds perfect! You can mix and match the details, customize the final look to create kitchen which fits your style and budget.

2/ Details by Note – Note Design Studio is named for what this group tries to achieve – to note something, to get noted. I think we would all agree thet they do it very well!

3/ Handles by Chris Liljenberg Halstrom – Chris works with furniture and smaller objects for the home, always focusing on function in everyday life. For Reform she designed the stylish handles which become a part of the entire door – a frame for the door itself.

4/ Kitchen doors and drawer fronts by Basis – the design comes in two versions: Basis 01 and Basis 02. These are Reform’s in-house models, where it all began.

5/ Sideboards by Afteroom – Afteroom sideboards are available in two sizes and four different colours, which can be combined to make a total of eight different configurations. The elegant lines on the sideboard allow it to be easily integrated into any room and simply matched with other furniture for a look that is clean and timeless.

Now that you saw a few custom possibilities, I’m curious which ones are your favourite? I’m definitely loving all the looks, but Norm architects details stole my heart! To see more visit Reform and view all their designs and collaborations.

Have a great weekend guys!

Photos: Reform



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