Studio makeover – New Wall Color and Art Prints

Studio makeover – New Wall Color and Art Prints

Passionshake studio

Changes. Changes. Changes.

If you read my yesterday’s post showing the bedroom update, you know that my taste has changed in the last years. I started to appreciate more minimal style, calming calor palettes and natural elements (what happened to the splash of neon yellow you wonder?!) Well, again – it might have something to do with turning 29+1 very soon!

I’ve always been drawn to white spaces, and that hasn’t changed, still love them, what’s different is the essence – instead of going for bold colors, I tend to choose natural or even monochrome palettes. It just feels so refreshing and mind-calming, a remedy for someone whose brain is always on!

My studio is my workspace – where I shoot styled collections, experiment with DIY projects, and spend on average 10 hours a day so it’s important that it reflects my current mood or at least that’s what I use as an excuse to constantly change things up. Perfectly normal.

You know that I admire white walls (and as much as they are handy for my styling job) I wanted to try something different, something grey for a change. I have chosen Cornforth White paint by Farrow and Ball and even though it says ‘white’, it’s a perfect shade of grey – mid tone in the group of neutrals which are totally understated and extremely versatile. I have used F&B paints before and their are my absolute favourite – the great color selection and high level of pigments make it so easy to be satisfied with the result. The other three walls have been painted with ‘all white’ paint last year and wow, guys! I just love walking into the studio each morning and admiring the final effect.

Studio Gallery Wall

The next step was to remove  all the colorful accessories – cushions, wall art, textiles…anything that didnt seem to be matching. If you look at the before picture of the studio, you will see that it was quite colorful. For the new gallery wall I was very happy to team up with Minted once more and choose some of their pretty prints to restyle the wall behind the sofa.

Here are the Art sources:

  1. Watercolor Torched
  2. Botanical Illustration (flea market find) – but you can get similar here.
  3. Let’s Get Lost
  4. Trio Of Spheres
  5. Mountain ABC
  6. Original Vintage Chanel Ad (flea market find) – but you can get a printed version here.
  7. Staredown (Long-horned Cattle Picture)

With Minted’s wide selection I find it hard to choose only 1 print, hence I usually end up ordering minimum 5, (ok 8!) …which I mix and match with what I already have at home. That’s what I love about gallery walls – how they grow and evolve with time, just like we do. As you can see, I have left 2 prints from my previous arrangement and added some new elements to reflect my current style.

Studio Passionshake

Gallery wall

Chanel Wall Art

Studio Passionshake

Studio Gallery Wall

Studio Art

Passionshake Wall

Studio Passionshake

So there it is. It’s been styled in this way for over a month and seems like I want be changing it anytime soon. Now the question is…

Which studio look do you prefer? The colorful or current one?

Really curious to know!


Styling and Pictures: Agata Dimmich / Passionshake

*This post has been written in collaboration with Farrow and Ball & Minted








The changes you’ve made look great. I love the wall art and the white looks as awesome as always. I’m jealous that you have such a neat studio space! I can’t decide between the calm and colourful haha, I guess maybe change it each season or when your mood tells you to?

Alina | DIY home blogger UK


    Thank you so much Alina – it doesn’t look so neat most of the time (rather the opposite! haha) I had the same dilemma, and tested both options. So far the monochrome seems to be working better for me 🙂 Let’s see for how long!
    Have a great day xo

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