Simple ways to embrace the Autumn vibes at home

Simple ways to embrace the Autumn vibes at home

I love Autumn season, the colors and cosy feeling, sure; but falling leaves, short days and dropping temperatures can make the most positive spirit feel a little blue. That’s why I’ve come up with 5  simple things we can do to embrace the Autumn season at home and keep the mood up.

It’s not a secret that seasonal changes affect our daily activities and energy levels so it is important to keep the endorphins running high. That applies both to our lifestyle and interior style – embracing the season indoor and appreciating what it got to offer is a good way to start. Below you will find my favourite tips to enjoy Autumn in your home, ready?

1. Slow down and enjoy the little things

If you are like me and appreciate different seasons and changes they bring, the Autumn period can be a great time to reflect. It is a wonderful occasion to enjoy both the light and the dark, the contrasts. I try to enjoy the rare sunny moments and stay cosy when it’s gloomy outside the window. To me Autumn is about shifting the thoughts and trying to enjoy the seasonal atmosphere as it is. Sure I love sun and staying outdoor but wouldn’t you agree that  lighting a candle, reading, a book under a warm blanket with a hot tea can be quite magical too? Oh yes it can!

2. Restyle

Working as a stylist you probably guessed that styling and restyling my home according to current mood and season comes naturally to me. Switching to warmer colors is the first and most obvious way to make a room feel autumnal. I love decorating with warm textures and colors, putting seasonal fruits for example pears on display as a little reminder of what is going on outside. The restyling can be subtle, all you need are a couple of things to change the mood completely and create seasonal atmosphere.

3. Bring the seasonal nature in

Dried flowers, grass, twigs with golden leaves are all great ways to decorate your home in the Autumn. I really like the new Ferm LIVING sculptural tuck vase in beautiful red brown shade styled with papass grass, a color-texture combination I find hard to resist!

4. Let the light decorate your home

Light a candle when it gets darker, enjoy the rays of sunshine when you get a chance. Try to enjoy both dark and sunny days. I believe they can both be pleasant – sun always gives me energy, rain on the other hand can be very calming and relaxing.

5. Enjoy Autumn scents

Taking time to stop and smell the roses (or in this case pumpkin scents) is extremely important to our well being. Whether it’s a candle scent, a freshly baked cake or seasonal soup boiling on the hob – take a moment to enjoy it. Autumn has arrived and it’s definitely time to make your home smell like it, would you agree?

Below you can see my dining room and subtle seasonal styling I created. What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this seasonal inspiration and feel like embracing the Autumn in your own home.

I’m wondering what do you do to introduce new seasons at home? 

Styling and Photography: Agata Dimmich, PASSIONSHAKE


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