Simple DIY Details For Your Festive Table

Simple DIY Details For Your Festive Table


Hello New Week and my dear Friends. How are you? How was your weekend? As I mentioned on Friday I’ve tried to squeeze all the Holiday preparations into last two days, so I’ve felt like competing for the olympic medal in hitting the alarm’s snooze button this morning. After having 2 strong coffees I feel alive and ready to rock (only until the sugar rush lasts, but it’s a good start!). Anyway I’m happy because it’s finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. It even started to snow this morning! (Documented through Insta Stories)

Since we are all in the Holiday spirit, let’s speak about the decorations – the Christmas table deserves a special touch, no matter what our plans (or no plans) are. Whether we are throwing a big dinner for your family and friends, or setting a romantic table for two, it’s fun to add festive greens and some sparkle to make it a little more special. Below are a few simple details that make it pop, what do you think?



Evergreen branches, twigs, ferns, pine greens  — they are a perfect fit the simple, green concept. Before starting to build your centerpiece, rinse them with water and allow to dry.

For your centerpiece you will need:

  • All sorts of evergreen twigs, branches, and leaves
  • Scissors
  • Gold spray paint

Place your greens in a vase and top them with little twigs spray painted in gold. Decorate your table with golden accents, such as candle holders and food bowls to give it an elegant Christmas look.

For the table settings you will need:

  • Simple, white napkins
  • Brown string
  • Pine twigs

Wrap the string around the napkin and tuck a pine twig inside.




And that’s it! Can you feel the Christmas spirit in the air?

Project, Styling and Photograhy: Agata Dimmich for Homedit












This is so so beautiful <3 Can you come and decorate my home as it is not christmassy enough yet ?! 😉 A. XO


    Aww, thanks Sweety! I had a very intense weekend trying to make it Christmassy! And when I finished…it started snowing! What a timing! 🙂


Hi Agata, I really love how you decorated the Christmas table, so elegant and yet natural. I love your style! I love your whiteness. When it cames to me I’m always adding some colour, I must say I love colours
I’m an Italian floral designer based in Verona, and i hope to meet you some days.


    Hello Tania, thanks so much! I am really happy to hear you like it! I used to be very much into colors, but currently I’m on the white side, let’s see if it’s going to change with the next seasons 😉 I always wanted to visit Verona – such a lovely place to live in!

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