Self-care ritual with Skandinavisk

Self-care ritual with Skandinavisk

I’m a little bit obsessed with subtle, nature-inspired scents so using Skandinavisk products has become a joyful, self-care ritual in our home.

Are you already familiar with the scented products from Scandinavia?

Imagine a great land hidden at the end of a long rocky track. A land populated by silent forests, silvery lakes, secluded islands and mountains of snow. Where nature dominates and seasons dictate. That’s where the products are made, where the scents originate from, where they inspire our lifestyle and promote well-being.

Mind and body care

In the current times, self-care has become more important than ever, don’t you think?

Personally, I am quite resistant to stress and manage well difficult circumstances, yet 2020 happenings have definitely affected my mental state. It has been hard on all of us.

That being said, during this uncertain period instead of focusing on the (long) list of what we can’t do, it might be good to give our brain a chance to process emotions and reset. Certainly, there are different ways of self-care, many of which involve getting enough sleep, exercises, meditation, healthy diet, making time for breaks in your schedule. Yet, the most enjoyable and my favourite form of them all is self-pampering. Easily  achieved at home.


Scandinavia is the land of hygge moments, cosiness and taking pleasure in small, healthy indulgences so I let the Skandinavisk products inspire my self-care rituals.


I burn the candles during the relaxing evenings or on a dark days while I’m working from home. The Next Generation candles are made from sustainably-farmed Swedish rapeseed oil so it is not only a cosy choice but also a conscious one. More local, natural, organic, ethical and responsible.

Hand and body care

We are all washing our hands excessively right now (we should do!) so I make sure to add moisturiser to my hands to avoid them to dry out (I love the HAV duo for this). The Next Generation hand & body care collection  is made in Denmark, is 100% vegan and contains a blend of certified organic ingredients and local Danish spring water.

NEW Shampoo + Conditioner

Recently I have tried for the first time the shampoo + conditioner duo and loved the softening effect it gave my hair. If you would like to try them out, they are exclusively available on Skandinavisk page.

If you asked me which of the scents are my favourite, it would be very hard choice as they are all truly unique and one od the kind!

Here are my current favourite:

  • HYGGE: Danish for ‘cosiness’. A word with no direct translation but with infinite meaning. The scent blends black tea and mint leaves, dried apples and a dusting of baked cinnamon.
  • KOTO: Finnish for ‘home’. A mix of vanillia beans and dried orange peel, baltic amber and vintage leather furniture.
  • RO: Scandinavian for ‘tranquility’. A subtle symphony of fresh grass and crumpled leaves, ambered woods and hidden blankets in the dunes.
  • HAV: Scandinavian for ‘sea’. The scent blends rugosa rose and hawthorn from the shoreline.
  • ROSENHAVE: Danish for ‘rose garden’. Alba rose and elderflower, geranium and blackcurrant buds.

Each scent is available as: candles, body creams, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, fragrances and diffusors. You can mix and match to create your own Scandinavian-inspired retreat SPA at home.

In addition to beautifully scented products, I love to have Skandinavisk prints around my home to remind me  that making time for self-care is important. Aren’t they gorgeous?

In collaboration with Skandinavisk. All expressed opinions are my own.

Styling and Photography: Agata Dimmich / PASSIONSHAKE


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