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Product Styling and Photography


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Product Styling and Photography

The aim of this e-course is to inspire, motivate and help you capture beautiful product photos which sell. The e-course will help you increase your skills in photography, styling, visual storytelling shooting and editing. You´ll learn how to develop your brand’s unique style and capture your products in an inspiring way which will attract more customers.

What is included?

• 50 pages divided into 10 classes in form of a comprehensive PDFs including step-by-step tutorials, tips, tricks, photo examples to make the lessons are easy to follow.
• 10 project tasks designed to help you implement what you learned.
• Handy cheatsheets and guides for ISO, aperture and more
• LIMITED OFFER (first 5 customers) – private (1hour) chat to answer all the questions you might have during or after completing the course and provide feedback for your completed tasks.

Who is it for?

Shop owners, designers, entrepreneurs, artists, instagrammers, future business owners, photography enthusiasts. Anyone who would like to improve their product/still life photography skills.


Once you download the E-course, you can work and learn at your own pace, however to make the most of the course and practical exercises it is recommended to complete 1-2 classes a day, followed by the assignments.

Equipment needed:

DSLR camera or one of the latest Iphones.


1. How to create a brand visual identity
2. Key product styling elements
3. How to style your products – 3 styling and photography rules
4. Types of product photography
5. Best lighting situations and tips for photographing your products
6. Photography basics & equipment
7. Shooting: How to set up your DSLR camera for best results
8. Shooting: How to set up your iPhone for best results
9. Editing essentials – which programs/apps to use (Smartphone and Lightroom)
10. Product Photography and Storytelling


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