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Interior frame mock up


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△ Interior Mockup

Interior frame mockup is a perfect background to show your artwork, prints, posters or photography in the online world. We style and photograph mockups so that you can easily promote your product and save time to shoot each product! We make sure that clean lines and minimal style will emphasise your Art, as a result attracting more happy customers.

Real interiors, inspiring settings, authentic look to guarantee your Art is displayed in the best possible way, therefore helping customers visualise it in their home. Choose your favourite mockup from our collection to create cohesive brand story and presence online.

Frame mockup is best for: webshop, website, social media, blog, marketing, catalogues.


△ Instructions


1. Add mockup image to your cart.
2. When payment is confirmed, you will receive a download link.
3. Easily download 1 high resolution stock image.
4. Overlay and resize your photo/print over the file to show your design to your customers.
5. Share your beautiful design with the world!

Feel free to edit the stock images to fit your needs and brand aesthetics. We can’t wait to see how you style your Art with our mockup images!

Our frame mockups are 100% real, photographed interior corners. No digital objects added, a styling created with minimal, on-trend aesthetics in mind to show your designs in the real-home setting and inspire your audience.

Use #psmockups on Instagram to share your creation with us and be featured on our Instagram account.

Happy shopping!


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