Product photography. Shooting stylish calendars for 2020

Product photography. Shooting stylish calendars for 2020

Plans, dreams, thoughts and doddles need a special place, a place where they can be kept safe as our dear daily reminders and records – a calendar.

Today I would like to show you stylish calendars I photographed for one of my first internet friends – Ola, the founder and creative mind behind Papiery Wartościowe. I’ve been admiring Ola’s work, gorgeous calligraphy and love for paper for many years so couldn’t be happier to team up and shoot 2020 collection. The calendars come in few different colors and finishes, accompanied by handwritten months inside. Simple, stylish, minimalistic – a perfect design to keep us company everyday and make sure we stick to our plans, or at least we try!

There are only couple of things I always carry with me when I leave home – keys, phone, wallet and calendar. I have to admit I am one of those people who often experience unexpected flood of ideas. I might be eating breakfast, travelling or shopping for groceries when I suddenly become inspired and need to write things down. Does it ever happen to you? I like to make plans starting from those initial ideas, I like to develop them, schedule, draw. Did you know that drawing is our brain’s best way to memorise and visualise our thoughts?

Papiery wartościowe are designed so that there is enough space for all of that and much more. I’m feeling inspired to make plans just by looking at the stylish cover. I kind of wish I could fast forward time to 1st of January so I can start using it already!

I’m sure all the stationary lovers out there will understand me, am I right?

Styling and Photography: Agata Dimmich for Papiery Wartościowe

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