PLANT TRIBE – happily ever after with plants

PLANT TRIBE – happily ever after with plants

Living happily ever after with plants?

We all can!

As the authors, Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff, of the new book Plant Tribe say: Plants play key role in well being, positive energy, hapiness, love and creativity – a perfect recipe for a life-long relationship everyone at home benefits from. It’s the second book of the best selling authors and Urban Jungle Bloggers community founders and after reading it I can tell you, it’s another coffee-table treasure.

The new book addresses the life-changing magic of living with and caring for plants. It’s about the importance of our emotional connection to them: a beautifully published collection of stories from plant loving people living around the globe (from US, Brazil to Europe).

Each chapter provides plant tips, interior inspiration and advice how to enjoy life with our green friends. It’s not just a plant guide, it’s a happy life guide with plants by our side.

What’s your current plant relationship status?

Personally I got much better at taking care of my plants which definitely enhanced the bond we have. We’ve moved from “it’s complicated” to a happy relatoinship. I have to be honest here: the reason we have not reached this stage earlier is because I treated my plants as decorative objects. I would place them where I thought they would look good and apart from watering I never paid close attenttion. I think you would agree that happy relationships need more than that!

So I changed my approach.

Being aware of my plants needs, observing them on a daily basis, weekly care and tips from my friend Igor everytime I need plant advice (grateful!) has become a very joyful ritual. It helps me to slow down and truly enjoy their company.

I love seeing new leaves growing and getting bigger on my monstera.

I love how my ficus gets shiner and stronger with every next sunny day.

I love my new, little orange tree.

I love my balcony flowers blooming and greeting me each morning when I have a morning coffee outside.

Little things, I truly enjoyed during the quarantine.

Currently I have 8 plants and balcony flowers – it’s a small tribe but a happy one, where we slowly but steady move forward.

The new book – Plant Tribe has definitely gave me a lot more insight into caring for our green friends. With all the tips and knowledge I got, I’m sure we have a chance to reach the happily ever after status!

If you would like to bond more with your plants you should definitely read Plant Tribe.

Here is a link to get your copy.

I’m wishing you a wonderful day dear friends!

Photography: Photos: 1,3,4,5- Agata Dimmich, 2,6 – Jules Villbrandt


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