Perfect minimal nightstand for your bedroom

Perfect minimal nightstand for your bedroom

minimal nightstand for your bedroom

Good morning friends! Did you sleep well?

I have to admit that changing my routine by going to bed early (at least earlier than 1:30 am!) works great. I wake up feeling rested and creative, ready to start my day. This happy, morning feeling is even stronger, now that I wake up next to LEWI.

Have you been introduced?

LEWI is the newest addition to our bedroom. A minimal, oak nightstand from Wohnglück Design I smile to every morning when I open my eyes. I adore the simple, yet interesting form and natural feel. A perfect match for our calm and quiet bedroom.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’m a difficult nightstand kind of person, hence the search for the design which would ‘feel right’ for me took over a year. When I came across Wohnglück Design Lebel and saw LEWI, it was love at first time, I knew he was the one!

What kind of nightstand person are you?

Do you like traditional designs? Need drawers? With legs or without? What material and finishing do you prefer?

Those are all the things to consider when looking for a perfect bedside table. I personally prefer nightstands without legs, so it gives me the possibility to hide socket and wires behind. The unique cut of LEWI makes it extra easy. Drawer comes in handy to hide all those little things you might not want to have on display but it is not a necessary feature for me, as most of the time I keep my nightstand minimal : lamp, book, cream or flower or pretty object. When selecting furniture for my home I tend to go with my gut feeling and choose designs which excite me when I see them. In this way I can be sure, I will be happy with my decision for a long time!

LEWI is designed by Sarah (interior and lifestyle blogger) and Felix (interior and architectural photographer) – a lovely duo behind the Wohmglück Design. It wasn’t always easy to find perfect pieces for their apartment therefore they started designing their own furniture. Encouraged by Sarah’s followers feedback, they decided to create more designs which lead to founding „Wohnglück Design”.

I’m very glad they did so that LEWI could move in with us!

Below you can see how it looks in our bedroom, I’m curious to hear what you think? Do you think it’s a great match too?

minimal nightstand

minimal, oak nightstand

Minimal nightstand

minimal bedside table

oak nightstand

Styling and Photography of minimal nightstand: Agata Dimmich / PASSIONSHAKE


imaan baig

Where can you get that lamp? so adorable!


    It’s from Menu 🙂 Thanks!

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