Outdoor living with Unopiu furniture

Outdoor living with Unopiu furniture

Hello October!

How are you doing friends? How is the weather where you live?

It is incredible but it is still sunny and warm here in Italy so I’ve been lucky to enjoy the first days of Autumn, hanging out in the garden. I love days when I can bring my laptop outdoor, enjoy the fresh air and singing of birds while working (unless the singing turns into a grand opera! It happens, but not in the Autumn season, thankfully!)

The outdoor bliss, brings me to the topic of outdoor furniture. I don’t know about you but, having tested many outdoor chairs and tables, I must admit one of the important factors in choosing them is durability (except style of course!). Recently I came across new Italian brand – UNOPIU which I have teamed up with today, to show you my favourite designs made with teak material. Have you heard of it yet?

If you are not familiar with teak – it is a superman in the world of outdoor furniture materials. A type of wood renowned for its incredible strength, durability and beautiful, golden-brown appearance. It is also one of those furniture materials which goes on for generations so if your grandma wants to give you a set of wooden, garden chairs she got on her wedding day, most likely they will be made of teak! Now that we established that it is investment worth making in terms of quality, let me show you a few of my favourite designs from the UNOPIU selection:

1/  M I L T O N W I L L I  A M  – classic, timeless combo made entirely of teak. Table comes in two versions: rectangular but also oval shape. The set is great for those Sunday barbeques!

2/  I N D O B R I T T A N Indobrittan armchairs combine the warmth of natural teak with the practicality of the polyolefin rope that wraps around seats and backrests. I like the combination of black and natural wood, it creates stylish yet relaxed mood.

 3/  T I T A N I C – Inspired by the armchairs of the first transatlantic cruise liners, the Titanic chaise longue is foldable, adjustable in three positions and equipped with a removable footrest. A touch of elegance for those hot summer dreams, don’t you think?

Do you spot your favourite design for the next summer?

To see all the collection and possible variations (different colors, shapes), visit UNOPIU page. I’m wishing you great start of October and I hope the sun will still shine for a while.

Photos: Unopiu

*This post has been written in collaboration with Unopiu. All opinions expressed are my own.


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