Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day


Guys grab a cup of coffee, snacks, get comfortable, then get another cup of coffee because this is a long post!

As many of you know, it’s been already few months since we got married. Even though I couldn’t wait to share our wedding day with you, every time I would start writing this post I would get stuck wondering…. how do I describe it? The feeling of tremendous excitement, happiness and finally most beautiful moments of our life in just few words? Whatever I would write wouldn’t reflect THAT special day, I’m still not sure my words can descibe the emotions I’ve been feeling but I can’t wait any longer to share it with you!

On the 2nd of June 2018 Felice and I tied the knot after 8 years of being together. It has been an absolutely wonderful time, with family and friends having flown to Poland from across Europe to celebrate with us. After so many months of planning and organising the wedding, after many sleepless nights and pre-wed anxiety I have to say that it was all worth it as it truly turned out to be the most unforgettable day of our lives!

Looking back, the wedding seems like a beautiful dream, the memories seem to be slightly foggy but what I feel in my heart when I think of those moments is very strong, true and one of a kind. The butterflies in my stomach, the increased heart beat, the love for everyone who made this day so special – even though it feels like a dream, I am sure it happened, we said YES and experienced something unique!

Pre-wedding DRAMA

While planning the wedding everyone told us to relax, some things can go wrong, it’s normal. We were psychologically ready SOMETHING might happen, yet when half of Felice’s family and friends (including his dad and sister) were meant to fly in on Friday night (one night before) and their flight got cancelled, we totally panicked! YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA what was going on. We were having our ceremony rehearsal, practicing and understanding the plan of the big day, when Felice received a text message from his sister informing us about the cancellation. A massive drama, a group panic attack, horror story! After few hours of trying absolutely everything what was in our power, we managed to find a solution – a flight to a different city, additional transfer, it wasn’t easy but there was hope they make it on time…

If you are planning international or destination wedding, I think it’s safe to ask your guests to arrive few days earlier. What happened to us is unbelievable (seriously, what are the chances?) but it did happen. I couldn’t belive it. When I finally heard the magic words : “they are here” ONE HOUR before the ceremony, nothing else mattered. I was so relieved and thankful, I can’t find words to describe it! We have a feeling that the initial drama and anxiety bomb might have magnified the overall happiness of the day!


Since our guests were arriving from different cities it was important to have the ceremony and wedding venue nearby (no additional transfers and travels please!) As the tradition goes, we got married in Poland (the country of the bride) in a little, cute castle town surrounded by lakes. The first time we visited the castle, we new it was our place. The historical courtyard covered in ivy was a perfect location for the kind of wedding we wished for – natural, relaxed yet elegant and dreamy.

And that’s how it felt!

We got married in a little church, right outside the castle. The polish and italian traditions are a bit different than in most of the english speaking countries – there is no ‘first look’, no bridesmaids, the groom awaits his bride at the alter and that’s where they see each other for the first time. My dad and I were bundles of nerves before entering! I had known everyone would be waiting there for us but I couldn’t really picture the moment. And when I saw them all standing there, all 90 most important people, I became incredibly emotional! Excited but suddenly calm, a deep breath then we walked down the aisle. The wedding ceremony was traditional, personal with a bit of humor. It was beautiful.

One hour later we were officialy married and ready to celebrate!

I’m not going to take you through all the details of the night (probably better to keep some of them secret – what happens at the polish wedding, stays at the polish wedding) I will just say – it was intense and super fun! The wedding reception, dinner and all-night-long wedding party hold some of the most precious memories: the beautiful, heartwarming speeches, the first dance (we chose Ed Sheeran  – “Thinking out loud”), the romantic photoshoot, the fun and laughter filling the room and simply being surrounded by family and friends who celebrated with us.

Below I’m sharing some of the special moments from that day, beautifully captured by our lovely wedding photographer Marta Kowalska <3

Did you get that second cup of coffee? Now is the time!

Was the wedding ‘perfect’?

I guess we can say, to us – yes. Some things, some details could be done differently for sure but as long as we got married, had beautiful day and everyone enjoyed themselves it doesn’t really matter. When we were planning the wedding it seemed like every detail was important – the color of the napkins, the invitation paper, the non-existing comfortable, high heeled wedding shoes but as many told me before, wedding is not about throwing a perfect event, it is about the special feeling and spending this time with people who matter. I certainly wouldn’t trade it for anything else, I only wish it lasted longer!

So that’s it guys! Thank you for sharing our wedding day memories with us. Now we are looking forward to many more happy married moments in the future. Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for being here.

If you have any questions about the wedding, please leave a comment below, I’ll be happy to answer them <3

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Wedding photos: Marta Kowalska



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