Our Christmas tree with CASA

Our Christmas tree with CASA

Our Christmas tree is up!

Every year I promise myself to put it up at the beginning of December to enjoy that favourite, festive tradition and twinkling lights for the entire month but then life happens and we are always kind of late! Usually it goes like this I put the tree up mid December and not take it down until mid January because I felt like the season went by so fast and I’m just not ready to part with it. That’s one of our Christmas traditions, I guess! Anyhow I’m glad it’s here.

When it comes to Christmas decorations I’m actually very traditional. I love the look of modern, unconventional designs, yet I guess I’m not there yet and the traditional look always wins. This year I teamed up with CASA to show you how I like to decorate my tree and the absolutely gorgeous ornaments I picked.

1/ The tree

When I was little we always had a real Christmas tree at home. I admit the real thing has it’s own charm – the texture, the pine scent filling up home for the entire season. Why did we chose the artificial one then? I believe it is a greener option with lower environmental  considering we will you use it for many years, which we are planning to do. I believe it’s a personal choice and we just felt like this one was right. The tree is one 1.80m Princess tree. I have to admit, I really wanted to get the 2.10m Royal one but by the time I made up my mind it was gone! Considering we have very high ceiling in our home, it would’ve been a great choice too.

2/ The ornaments 

How fun is it to choose the ornaments! I just love picking them. I believe that the real beauty lies in collecting ornaments for years, mixing old with new like we used to do when I was little and the balls would occasionally break. Most of my historical Christmas balls are in Poland so we start building our ornament collection here. This year I decided on simple, minimal color palette (if you know me it is quite predictable choice!). Whites, creams, browns and touches of sparkling gold. I really love the paper origami ones, I wish I could write I made them myself but nope, they are also from CASA.

Here are the ornaments we got:


3/ Lights

I like keeping lighting minimal but there has to be enough cord to go around the tree. In this case I decided to get the simple, warm led lights I think they are perfect. They come with many different lighting options but if I can be honest I just like to have the still light, no flashing. What about you? We got BOA lights, the length is perfect for 1.80m tree.

And here it is lit up! The tree instantly introduces festive atmosphere at home. Add to that Christmas songs in the background and candle light on a table and the home feels magical.

When do you put your Christmas tree up? Is it up already?

Styling and Photography: Agata Dimmich / PASSIONSHAKE for CASA


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