Oh Joy’s Studio by Emily Henderson

Oh Joy’s Studio by Emily Henderson

Can you hear me screaming? I’m sorry but that’s probably because I can’t stop since I saw this amazing place! The happy and vibrant studio designed by talented Emily Henderson for a lovely graphic designer – Joy from Oh joy blog, combines all the elements I love about interior design and decorating. I mean WOW, this must be one of the most beautifully styled spaces I have ever seen! But before I’ll speak about all the gorgeous details, a little back story. After eight years of running successful business from home, Joy found a promising studio in Hollywood to work from. This is when Emily Henderson came in and together they created this ‘grown up Candyland’ – as Joy says.  It’s just so inspiring, happy and colorful, isn’t it? 
So let’s see what are the details that make it so special!
The studio is 1,200 feet (let me quickly convert…..366 m2. Correct!) with clearly divided areas, designed for different purposes, very tall ceilings, exposed brick walls, wooden beams and lots of natural light – this already sounds like a perfect place to start, right? Combined with white walls, warm wood furniture, pop of color here and there (everywhere!) and gold touches the studio has become an unbeaten treasure. And I’m officially jealous. Yep, I want a studio like this as well.
The general design direction was to translate Joy’s personality into her brand new design space. It had to be happy, fun, young and colorful. This is why the walls were painted white, crazy right? But since people who love color, like being surrounded by colorful objects, neutral background usually works best for exposing them. 
The emerald green Murphy’s sofa in the sitting area together with this beautiful floor-to-ceiling wall art creates a very comfortable, welcoming and pretty place for visiting clients.

Are you in the mood for a little DIY? Because another highlight of the studio are customized details – my favorite one is a decorative, pretty toe-kick made from contact paper and tape. It’s easy, cheap and super cool! Thank you Emily or this great idea – I’m so going to pimp my white toe-kicks at home. Full tutorial can be found here. Toe-kicks here I come!

-Grown up Candyland 🙂
 -Love color? Paint your walls white!
-Bricks, bricks, bricks + pop of color
-Open space with clearly divided, dedicated areas
-Hit! Colorful toe-kicks!
Would you agree? 


So what do you think about it? Do you love it as much as I do? 
Are you jealous? 🙂 

Studio belongs to Joy Cho
Studio designed by Emily Henderson
Photography by Zeke Ruelas




I’m speechless! What a find! The kitchen decorated with colorful tapes is a killer, can’t wait to get hands on my cabinets 😉 And yes, I’m jealous too sighhhhh !

Aga Tinca

I know, I know, these pictures had me glued to my laptop for a looong time :)) Me too, what colors are you planing to use?


    I like the combination of black, white, copper + color. I’ve got a copper lamp in my kitchen so it would match really well, but I don’t know where to get copper tape from, any ideas Aga?

    Aga Tinca

    I like your combination, let me know how it turned out 🙂
    Hmm.. Perhaps copper contact paper? x

Marieken Hoefnagel

What a fabulous space! I love the chairs and the green sofa.

    Aga Tinca

    The green sofa was actually a jumping-off point which inspired the rest of the studio and its color palette. I love it too! Thanks for visiting Marieken x


Oh, it is so much fun!!!

    Aga Tinca

    I know 🙂 Let’s go and play!


Hi Agi,

i love this studio too. When Joy posted it on her blog I was freaking out as well, cause first of all it is so cool to have your own studio and second a studio that is soooo colorful! I love it.


Jaka ładna kuchnia! Pięke kolory ale bardzo spokójny też.

Aleksandra Zielinska

Ale misz masz! Bardzo udany misz masz:)

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