Nicolas – 1st Birthday Party

Nicolas – 1st Birthday Party

One party, many balloons, cute baby treats – our little (big) boy Nicolas turned one!

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. A very special, memorable and definitely one to celebrate. The birthday brought all sort of memories from last year. Thinking of the day Nicky came to this world and our hard beginning makes me very emotional, even more so seeing what a strong, happy, amazing boy he has become.

Once again Happy Birthday little Nicky! You gave my life a whole new purpouse.

We celebrated the birthday in the afternoon, on the actual day – 23.06. An intimate, small party at home with the closest ones. Lovely, relaxed atmosphere, filled with giggles, cuddles and loooots of sweetness.

The little treats and decorations carry a special meaning for those who know our story. The cookies with Pisa image are the memory of where Nicolas was unexpectedly born at 28 weeks, where we spent 2 months in the hospital right next to famous Pisa tower. Where we met the most wonderful doctors, nurses and hospital friends who helped our boy grow strong.

The elefantino on the cake recalls the elephant looking out for him above his incubator from the day he was born until we left Pisa to return home.

The polaroid photos are our family tradition – we take polaroid pics on all special occassions. In this way we make sure, at least some get printed 😉

And the balloons and other baby decor (had to be!) just for fun to make our home feel different for the baby party. It turned out to be a wonderful idea since Nicky spent hours having fun, chasing after them before we put them on the wall.

Little things, yet the day felt so incredibly special.

I hope some of you can find inspiration for the special events of your littles ones. Here comes the baby photo scroll!

Big kiss x

Photos : Agata Dimmich and family 🙂



Favolose e famiglia e le foto! Complimenti! Tanti auguri a Nicolò!


    Grazie mille Anastasiya!


Happy birthday to little brave Nicolas !
Thank you for sharing Agata & Felice


    Thank you Desy <3


AWWW! Look at how cute he is. I wish for his health and that he has a long-lasting life and may god keep him away from all worries of life!


    Thank you so much! that’s so nice of you 🙂

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