New Year, new plans! Or no plans?

New Year, new plans! Or no plans?

Hello everyone, it’s a late start for me this year, after unusually long break from ‘the internet’ and I’m dying to know how have you been? Have you enjoyed your Christmas? Any gossip to share? *wink*

First and foremost I want to wish you all the best in 2018. The start of every year takes us a step closer to the attainment of your dreams. Hope this year is the breakthrough and all of your dreams turn into reality. Actually, take that back. Maybe not all but majority, we need to leave some of them for the next years, otherwise life would get boring!

I’m wondering have you ever tried to switch off your computer, phone and clear your mind? I have to admit it felt a little bit strange to disconnect for all this time, both from the blog and social media but I can see positive side to it already. I admit I  missed all of you and sharing daily moments, felt high level of anxiety and guilt (OMG, I am missing so much!) but at the same time I came to realize this time was very much needed and beneficial for me, both at personal and professional levels. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to relax, step back , get some air and remind ourselves what we are really passionate about and what matters!

I had a little bit of time to think about the direction I want to take, about the new plans and challenges in 2018. I feel extremely inspired to try and learn new things and grow and develop my skills, to become better at what I do. Last few years have been a rollercoaster of emotions and changes, now I’m confident that following my passion was the best decision I’ve ever taken. Sometimes it’s hard but all that matters is making those small steps in the right directions, looking back to see how much we achieved and never give up. Success does not happen over one night, let’s remember that it in 2018. It’s very important.

Usually I would share with you specific plans and dates for this year a calendar of what is going to happen. But I won’t. I’ve done it in September, I set very high goals for myself and I have to admit I failed to realize the main one – opening of the online store. I didn’t realize it was going to take so much time and dedication. It’s still one of my main goals but I don’t want to promise a specific date, I hope to surprise you one day with the great – ‘opening’ news!

I’m also planning to make space this year for the new and unexpected, to allow spontaneous ideas to develop when they appear, rather than sticking to the fixed plan and ignoring opportunities. I plan to open my eyes and ears for the new collaborations, projects, unexpected proposals which might happen, like they did last year. Overloading our calendars with routine tasks sometimes doesn’t leave space for what can come unexpected and we don’t want to do that, right? Has it ever happened to you?

If yes, then I’m sure you understand why this year I won’t be sharing specific plans. You know well my focus, you know that I work as a stylist and photographer, blogger – I will do my best to grow and create better content for you, allowing new opportunities to help in that process!

I can’t wait and I’m super excited to see what the new year has to offer!
What are your plans for 2018?


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