New linen curtains in our living room

New linen curtains in our living room

Are you team-curtains or no curtains?

I’m definately drapery fan so last weekend we finally hung the new linen curtains in our living room. Even though there are many modern window treatments and decorations available these days, I believe that nothing creates a dreamy, laidback atmosphere as well as loose, airy curtains gently moving in the wind. I just love that look! On top of that they help filter the light making the room shadows softer, add texture and allow a little privacy if your windows are facing other properties like ours. Funny story! Few days after we’ve hung our curtains our neighbour said she felt sad as she couldn’t see us in the evenings anymore (…awkward!) I guess we can say that the curtains serve their purpouse now!

Even though we wanted to get simple, white curtains the choice wasn’t easy – what material, how thick, how long, what kind of rail, shall we buy ready-made or get custom ones?

After a little bit of research we decided to go with the IKEA, linen AINA curtains. They are budget friendly and look simply beautiful. The linen is soft and organic and they are 3 meters long which was ideal for our ceiling height. We also got the black curtain rail at IKEA, the overall result is very satisfying I would say.

I  like the curtains being long enough to kiss the floor, it might not be the most practical option as it most likely will require more cleaning but the dreamy feeling it definately is worth it, don’t you think?

Below you can see the final result. I’m curious to hear what you think!

Styling and Photography: Agata Dimmich, PASSIONSHAKE

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I just ordered these after reading your post! I have been searching high & low for just these. Did you find them to be a true white? They look bright & clean in the photos, but reviews on IKEA’s site said they looked closer to a yellowy cream.

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