Coastline fragrance for our home and body

Coastline fragrance for our home and body

Have you got your favourite fragrance? Is it a perfume? A Candle? Fresh flowers?

My recent obsession is the HAV – distant shores scent from Skandinavisk, if you are not familiar with their products¬† yet, they offer a range of Home fragrances inspired by scandinavian nature.¬† I’ve been enjoying HAV candle for a few months now so when Skandinavisk introduced new body products: body scrub and body cream, I was literally in heaven! The HAV scent is not only around our home now but also all around me, and I love the feeling of it. It’s fresh and delicate, perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer season.

“A new impression of the vast Nordic coastline,
a meeting place where the cold Baltic and
Atlantic waters touch the peninsula, and the
fresh wind and sea spray carry the the resilient
scents of the rugosa rose and hawthorn from the shoreline”

I wouldn’t describe it better, for sure!

Styling and Photography : Agata Dimmich / PASSIONSHAKE





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