New Feature & New Interior Magazine To Watch

New Feature & New Interior Magazine To Watch

Oh friends, friends, friends, how are you doing? I need to ask because it’s been a while since my last post!

That’s because I’ve been working a lot on (a secret-not so secret) project which involves PASSIONSHAKE and its new direction. Yes, that’s the new website but the website is only a part of a bigger plan which I’m dying to reveal next week!ย Oh boy, it’s super exciting but I have to admit any changes (yep, new ice-cream flavour too!) and taking risks always make me paralyzed with fear. However, I repeat to myself that ‘the doubt kills more dreams than the failure ever will’ and continue working towards my goals. That’s what we have to do, right? Or at least try.

Speaking about dreams, nothing makes me as happy as seeing my dear friends achieving success and moving forward, just like Steffi did with her gorgeous magazine – ‘Seelected’. After many years it is finally available in print! The “best of” edition is packed with stylish ideas and inspiration – featuring living, interior, behind the scenes, accessories and DIY projects. It makes me very proud to be a part of the magazine and see my project featured on its pages. What an honour and treat!

Below a little peek into what’s inside, however if you wish to truly enjoy it while sipping a coffee in the morning – you can get your copy here.

I’m wishing you all great end of the week, next time I will see you here – it will be on the new website! Wohoo!

Hugs from very sunny Italy xo

Styling and Photography: Agata Dimmich / Passion shake


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