New design is here!

New design is here!

Welcome to Passion shake’s new home! I’m so excited to share with you the new design we’ve been working on for some time now! Please make yourself comfortable and click, play view everything until you are bored!

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I decided to change the look of my blog a while ago but never made the time until few months ago, when I thought: “Now or never”, and have been working with Raye from The Bloggerette Studio to spruce it up.

Even though I’m planning to change and add couple of things in the future (for example portfolio) I’m extremely happy with the final result and grateful for an awesome job Raye did, creating my new site!

We’ve had some unexpected technical issues on the way (for example three server changes!) but it’s finally here, all new and what’s more important functional.

So let me tell what has changed:

Pretty much everything I guess but I would like to highlight some main point:

  • Passion shake has gone to “.com”, you will be redirected to the new home instantly after visiting the old page! I’m no longer with blogger, so if you were following me on blogspot, you may now find me on Bloglovin / Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter and soon Instagram! 
  • There is a new logo, header and general graphic design, I really like it, hope you will like it to!
  • Total reorganization of categories: they are all new, much more clear and functional than before.
  • My regular columns (Wishlist, Trandshake, Inspiring homes or Shop love) got their separate sections, so you can easily access them.
  • There is a new sidebar banner section for sponsors – and new amazing sponsors to be announced very soon!
  • New comment section and contact details – you can reach me now on hello {@}
  • and there is a lot of new positive vibe around here! 

If you are considering redesigning your blog, do it! There will be moments when you want to give up, stop, forget about it, get back to your old design and enjoy stress-free blogging, however once the new design is ready, you will see it was totally worth it!

Now I need to get comfortable around here and start posting again!

Please feel free to share your opinions, feedback and what you like / dislike about the new design. Each comment will be highly appreciated!



I love your new design! So happy and colorful just like your blog. Great job! Looking forward to new posts x


    Thank you Ida! I’m so happy you like it! Have a great day x

Ayda - cafenohut

It looks amazing Aga! I realy liked it so much… Good luck!


    You are so kind Ayda! 🙂 Thank you!

Jahaila @ Girl Nesting

It’s gorgeous!!!! I love this new look!!!!! XO!


    Thanks so much for your comment Jahaila! 🙂


Jest przejrzyście, czystko, po prostu ładnie. Mam tylko nadzieję, że zostaną zapisane ustawienia komentarzy, abym za każdym razem nie musiała ich wpisywać, bo pewnie się poddam.


    Najbardziej zależało mi na tym żeby było przejrzyście, więc strasznie się cieszę, że taki jest Twój odbiór Aniu! Jeśli chodzi o komentarze, jest włączona funkcja auto-uzupełniania więc dane powinny zostać zachowane 🙂 Dziękuję za miłe słowa! Buźka

Nelda Johnson

Nice design! FYI…I would encourage you to view the layout on a smart phone to see a few things, particularly that one line ran off the screen and the header takes up a whole screen so I have to scroll more than usual to get to the good stuff. More work I know but it will be worth it I’m sure. Thanks!


    Good point! Thank you however it looks fine from my phone. It should be responsive as well… I will definitaly check what I can do to improve it 🙂


Congrats, dear Aga!
New design & layout are
so pretty and fresh!

You are so right…
one should venture onto the new 🙂

All the best,


    Danke schon Anke! 🙂 I’ve been procrastinating for a long time with the design and probably still would if I didn’t meet Raye-my blog designer, who convinced me to many more changes than I was prepared for (for example leaving blogger and moving to self hosted blog!) Turns out it’s all possible, so YES to changes and new adventures 🙂 Have a great day x

Zebra Ola

Wyszło ektra. Warto było zrobić ten krok. Buziaki i dobrego dnia 😉


Pięknie 🙂


Weszłam i przez chwilę nie wiedziałam gdzie jestem! Ale się zmieniło! Jest czytelnie i łatwo się tu odnaleźc. Bardzo mi się spodobało. Warto było pokombiowac.! Pozdrawiam.:)

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