My visit to Sukha Amsterdam

My visit to Sukha Amsterdam

passionshake-sukha28 (1 of 1)As most of you, might already know, I have just returned from Amsterdam, where I attanded Meet the blogger conference with my dear blog friends from around Europe. However before I tell you all about it, let me share with you a piece of wonderful Sukha world once more (you can also check other posts here and here)

I have finally had a chance to see this incredible concept store with my own eyes and meet lovely Sam IJsbrandy, one of the label owners, who showed me around, just before the first customers arrived (and OH MY – how exciting it was!) The entry to the shop made my heart rise, as it is even more gorgeous than the pictures can tell! The white, cosy warehouse, filled with unique handcrafted products is simply timeless and now… I am even MORE in love with it!

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Photography: Agata D // Passion shake

Sukha offers wide range of interior, fashion and accessories items, made in India and Nepal out of pure and natural materials such as wood, linens or cotton. You can read the whole story here or pop in to the online boutique to do some joyful shopping!  Did you know that Sukha means ‘Joy of life’?

I will be also sharing more details about meet the blogger and my trip to Amsterdam soon. Have a great day x



The swing! It would be perfect for my living room – is it for sale or a part of decoration? I need to make my way to Sukha one day 🙂
Also, I will say it once more – love your photos!
Looking forward to read more about your trip x


Hi Ida, yes it is for sale (and not only for kids!) Thank you xo


Ohhh this a wonderful blog! Such a great job, happy to add you on my heart list! 🙂 and well, yes Hope to see you soon!


    Grazie Vale! Sono contenta che ti piache! 🙂 And yes we need to meet, after all we are not that far from each other x


Pragnę tych żyrandoli!


    Zdecydowanie! 😉

Karolina from H O U S E L O V E S

omg!! i love how white, grey and wood comes together 🙂 🙂 🙂 this is my inspiration for today 😀 so lovely and amazing products


    Had exactly the same reaction when I entered…OMG! haha it’s the most beautiful shop i’ve ever been to x


oooooo to byłby mój sklep w którym mogłabym zostawić majątek :))))


    Mój też – dobrze, że miałam ze sobą tylko bagaż podręczny 😉

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