My bedroom – DIY nightstand

My bedroom – DIY nightstand


Hello my dear friends! How are you doing? Today we are going to have a little sneak peek into my bedroom. I’m still working on creating the gallery wall above the headboard so for now I can only share with you, my new, non-traditional nightstand. 
I just love it! It is nothing else than a wooden crate, polished with a sand paper and covered with a layer of matt varnish, but it truly adds personality to the room. In my opinion books are a nightstand essential which is why this solution works really well for me – all the current books, magazines I read are close at hand without covering the entire surface. On top of it, you can find a lamp, a frame and a candle. Is that really all I keep on my nightstand? I wish! But the reality shows otherwise. Usually you might find there a few other things, but I was trying to make it presentable. The glass of water or my earrings don’t necessarily have to be shown in the photo, do they? 
It was meant to be a temporary solution, until we find a real, furniture-like table but it made the room look so much more interesting that… we just can’t let it go! 



What do you keep on your nightstand?


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