More Than A Bag

More Than A Bag

8Since it’s Monday and we all know that beginnings of the weeks tend to be tough, I got something to brighten it up a little (and perhaps make you smile!)

Just look at those bags!

2The are so much more than just a normal tote to carry things (I mean a bag is never JUST a bag, they are always incredible pieces we can’t live without, but you know what I mean – some are more special than the others.)






A design studio Building Block teamed up with Waka Waka to experiments with time-treated surfaces and hand made wooden shapes. When exposed to sunlight, the overt pattern and molded forms on the leather surface of these bags will naturally begin to fade, becoming a different bag that reflects an individual experience over time. Great concept, amazing result and styling. In love!

Have a good start of the week guys!

Photos: Building Block


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