Mockup shop – what are mockups and how to use them?

Mockup shop – what are mockups and how to use them?

I’m excited to let you know that Passionshake mockup shop is now OPEN!

Many of you already know that apart from styling and photography service, I offer pre-styled frame mockups. Previously they were available on Etsy, from today also in the brand new space, directly on Passionshake website. What are they, you wonder? In short, mockups are digital photographs designed to show Art, posters, printable graphics, illustrations, paintings in the styled setting. If you are looking for an inspiring interior background for your Art, you are in the right place!

With an ever increasing trend for selling online, we understand how important it is to show your customers images of your products. Webshops, Instagram, magazines are all about bringing objects to life by showing it in the inspiring lifestyle setting. The truth is customers buy based on the product photography, the atmosphere created around it, the added context. The conclusion is that having your Art work styled in the interior scene will help visualise what it will like on the wall of their home. And that is very important to make a purchasing decision!

A little back story

There was a time, couple of years ago when I had received tones of request to photograph Art, posters or other framed decorations. Often the client’s budgets were limited, yet they were looking to have new images every month. As we all know, keeping up with the social media pace requires fresh content daily. I tried to do as much as I could but with the limited resources we never reached the desired amount of settings. I always try to find solution for my clients and so I came up with a solution and created pre-styled images ‘mockups‘. That was it! It turned out to be a perfect budget and time-saving option which was exactly what the clients were looking for.

What are PASSIONSHAKE mockups?

PASSIONSHAKE mock-ups are pre-styled photos featuring frames. Frames hanging on the wall in the living room, set on the workspace desk, styled with pretty props around. They are 100% real images, shot in the home surrounding to ensure authentic look and become an inspiring background for your Art. They come in size 300o px large, available either in JPG or PSD format.

Below a short video, showing how in few easy steps you can create your image using a simple editing program.

There are many stock images available online, however most of them are graphically rendered making the scene look rather fake so the actual photographs are definitely a winner. I’m proud to say I reached over 1200 sales in less than two years on Etsy so I thought…

…it’s time to grow!

From today you will be able to find the newest mockup collections here on Passionshake, where the shop will continue to run. I’m very excited and hope you will enjoy the new Passionshake mockups shop.

How to use PASSIONSHAKE mockups?

Once you purchase your favourite PASSIONSHAKE mockups from our collection, you can digitally add your Art to it in few easy steps. Use any editing program (Photoshop, Canva, even simple Paint!) or any other which allows to overlay two images – our mockup and your Art work. It is as easy as dragging your Art image over the frame of our mockup. In few simple clicks you will have an inspiring image showing your Art in our interior settings. Sounds good?

In case you need help with that, I’m always here to answer your questions, just drop me an email.

Hop on to PASSIONSHAKE mockup shop, enjoy your shopping!

Use ‘OPENING’ code to get 15% off.



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